Lewis & Lewis Painting Inc. Ormond Beach,Fl.

Scope of Work


General Scope Of Work


Materials will be delivered to the job site in unopened containers which bear the manufactures name and product description.


Protect floors and all adjacent surfaces from paint smear, splatters and droppings. Drop cloths will be used to protect all floors. Fixtures not to be painted will be covered. Other areas will be masked off as required.


 1. Prepare surfaces to be painted in a skillful manner to produce a finished work of first class appearance and durability.

2. Clean surfaces to be free of dust, dirt, oil, grease or other foreign matter. 

3. Repair all minor voids, nicks, cracks, and dents as necessary with suitable patching materials and finish flush to adjacent surfaces. 

4. Prime coat surfaces as necessary.

5. High-pressure wash surfaces where applicable.


Apply materials evenly to be free from sags, runs, crawls, holidays and defects. Mix to proper consistency, brush out smoothly leaving a minimum of brush marks.


Remove all surplus materials and debris from job site at the completion of each day worked. Remove all of our splatters from unfinished surfaces. Leave storage areas in a clean and finished condition.

For your protection, as well as ours, Lewis & Lewis Painting Inc. does not subcontract any work to others. The majority of other contractors in the area do not adhere to this policy. Should any accident or injury occur on your property most homeowner policies do not cover this type of incident. ALL of our employees are on our direct payroll.