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A home is a place where our hearts reside. A home is place where we can be ourselves and let go of all our worries at the end of the day. A home is a place for relaxation and pursuit of leisure. We all want to build and live in that one dream home of ours which has everything that we desire for: a comfortable place for reading books, a tiny bar for parties and entertaining friends, a neat little kitchen for having meals together, a spotless bathroom where we can wash away all the fatigue and worries at the end of each hectic day, a relaxing balcony where sunsets can be watched over mugs of steaming hot coffee.

Essentially, a good home should make you feel comfortable, relaxed and rejuvenated. In one sentence, a good home should be a place where, well, you feel at home! One must recognize the fact that a house becomes a home only if it is decorated with lots of care and intelligent planning. And relaxation and comfort are the two prime points of focus when it comes to home decor. One must also understand that making a home does not end with the process of decorating it.

Rather, a lot of effort must be exercised to maintain it in a beautiful condition. House maintenance should include investments in paint finishes, and windows, and doors.  In addition to all that, a good home should also have machines and home appliances that make our daily lives easier.

Welcome...Feel free to explore our web site. Thanks for giving us a chance to show you what we have to offer you. In today s economy everyone claims to be a painter, unfortunately you just don't know who to trust anymore. Painting is all we do. We are not jack of all trades.

Our corporation is a family owned painting business.We have been painting for over 35 consecutive years giving our customers the most professional hassle free experience that you could have hope for in a painting company.



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When You Use Lewis & Lewis Painting Inc. You Are Making An Investment In Your Community And Helping To Keep More Jobs In Your Area.

Supporting Local is giving your neighbor a helping hand.  The people in your own community are your friends, people you go to church with, people you shop with, in short, people that care about what you care about.

Lewis & Lewis Painting Inc. is a local company.  We help your community get back to work.  This can include    supporting laid off construction workers and many more people who are either unemployed or underemployed.

When you support local you are supporting sustainable practices.  You help yourself by having professionals take care of the dirty work of painting and the other services we provide and you help your neighbors by keeping the work with local companies.

It truly is a win-win situation.